International valve industry demand is growing
In the economic globalization today, we must look at every problem with the perspective of globalization. Valve of the world total volume of accumulated has reached more than $1.1 billion the, the annual replacement of old and new valve products market demand has reached more than $500 billion, far more than the $30 billion in new construction around the world the total market demand for valves. In addition, the world's valve inventory and semi-finished products in total $70000000000, the total production of about $57000000000.
Similarly, in a global economy that is more and more integration of today, the global valve market, international trade and transactions is sensitive, leading in the development and promote world economic development and the pattern of changes and transformations. The global valve international trade greatly at present limitations and dependence on developed countries in Europe and America fluid technology, engineering consulting and services, well-known brand enterprises and multinational valve group of the hands, and with the speed and increase the development and promotion of world economic integration is speeding up, and the European and American developed countries, engineering consulting and technology flow service brand, well-known multinational enterprises and valve group for the rest of the world valve market, market demand and distribution, the global valve and valve products in international trade, has formed to European and American developed countries fluid technology, engineering consulting and services, well-known brand valves multinational enterprises and group cohesion and the situation with the pattern of monopoly.
From the above data, we know that valve global demand, production inventory and quantity is very huge and amazing; and with the world economic development and speed up, with the accelerated process of global economic integration, with the transmission speed is accelerated and market demand information symmetrization of the global valve market demand information faster, along with the global valve market demand increases progressively year by year, and the global valve production capacity and total expansion and rising; with the decrease of the total of the world's inventory in the valve and semi-finished products.
World economy each year at a rate of 3% growth in some areas more than double-digit pace in growth, global valve market demand must be the same to a certain proportion coefficient and the growth rate of growth in the.
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