China will become the world's major hardware and exporter of processing powers
China industry network news now at least 70% of the hardware industry for private enterprises, for the main force of the development of hardware industry in China. China has gradually become the world hardware processing power and exporter, and has become one of the world's hardware production power, has a broad market and consumption potential. Careful understanding is not difficult to find, the development of our hardware tool set tool generally a trend.
First of all, hand tools Market: German manual tool needs to increase. In Germany, the most popular tool for comfort and effort. It is helpful to grasp the smooth handle and the appearance of the tools are the important factors that attract them to buy.. In the case of tools, power tools are becoming increasingly popular.. In addition, charging tools are becoming popular. Now the new plug-in market with multiple rechargeable batteries, can be used in a variety of environments.
American hand tools to stabilize market demand. U.S. housing market in the end of last year, the new home scale increase, there are still large number of uninhabited, a lot of housing renovation market opportunity. The average vehicle type and vehicle age are more and more big, and the sales of the hand tools of the car market have some promotion.. In addition, the electronic product distribution of the forging tool needs strong, especially the adjustable wrench.
Taiwan manual adjustment of product structure. Taiwan area by hand with the product quality and stability, delivery on time, the product variety is complete, can cooperate with customer demand, in the world has certain advantages. Taiwan hand tools are sold to markets outside the island and give priority to, the local manufacturers about 5000, distribution in the central region of the island of Taiwan, to small and medium-sized enterprises. According to the survey data show, in individual hand tools product categories, sleeve for the export of bulk, secondly for hand tools portfolio, the third for the gardening tools, wrenches ranked fourth, pliers ranked in the top five. To the export country, the United States ranked first, followed by the order of the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan, etc..
See the cutting tool Market: the world's cutting tool market demand will continue to grow. According to reports, the world's cutting tool market demand continues to grow. Which Europe, North America growth stability, especially in Eastern Europe; Asian markets rebounded slightly, the market potential of a big market, Latin American markets, notably Mexico. (in the past year, the tool market reason for the slow growth in demand, mainly because the tool life increased, another is the user for the entire manufacturing process request, take the place of many machine tools and cutting tools. As well as the application of the multifunctional tools, many simple tools are replaced. Experts predicted that future users will be more emphasis on the production factory of the tool of research and development, not only in material and surface coating technology, but also in terms of cutting tool products and their production process. The expert said that focusing on production practices, will help the tool manufacturing plant to increase the competitiveness of the market in their familiar areas.
Technical updates. On the technology of cutting tools, carbide tools are gradually replaced by high-speed steel cutting tools, especially circular cutter.. The application of coated tools is becoming more common in Europe, and the new tool market is increasing in Europe.. Vendor dynamics. From the tool manufacturers in the way of cooperation, the market in the high-tech field will appear many big companies powerful combination.
Mold Market Overview and development trends: during the fifteen period, the mold market trend stable upward. At present, the domestic market for middle grade mold is a great demand, but the domestic mold must meet the needs of users in quality, delivery and other aspects. Moreover, home appliances, automotive, plastic products industry to mold the largest demand. In recent years, the labor costs of the developed countries in the developed countries are increasing, especially in the countries of Southeast Asia.. Its domestic production of high, fine mold based, manual labor input large mold rely on imports to solve. Therefore, the middle and low mold international market potential is very huge. As long as the quality of the domestic mold can be improved, the delivery time can guarantee the prospects of mold exports is very optimistic. In addition, the international market for the frame and the standard parts of the mold is also a great demand. At present, China has only a few exports to the aircraft.
In the new world economic integration, the global manufacturing industry to accelerate the transfer of the Chinese mainland has become the trend, China will gradually develop into a world-class manufacturing base. Experts predict that the obvious advantages of Guangdong especially Pearl River Delta region, will be developed into the world mold production center in ten years. At the same time, because in recent years in our country every year with nearly $1 billion in imports mold, the precision, large, complex and long-life mold accounted for the majority, so from the reduction of the inlet angle of, this kind of high-grade mold, hardware tools in proportion to their market share will gradually increase.
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