Ninth hardware appliances Expo: popular products became popular
Zhejiang online 23 months 04 hearing recently, the Ninth China International Hardware and electrical fair and Consumer Fair, import commodities fair held in Yiwu International Expo Center.
Reporter visited the discovery, this year's hardware electrical appliances show, emitting a thick, professional flavor ". In the venue, the industry association, the exhibition area of the exhibition area has increased, greatly improving the professional exhibition. At the same time, in the hardware industry, seemingly partial and cold hardware products more buyers favor.
Association, please exhibitors
In the exhibition hall C hall near the B side, gathered more than 20 business bit, tape and other products of the exhibitors. The museum staff said that the region Hardware Electrical Expo the volume of cutting tools exhibition, exhibitors products mostly from Yiwu North Zhu Gong cutlery professional Street. Surprisingly, the majority of exhibitors are not professional street vendors, but the association from the country specifically invited manufacturers.
"Please come to exhibitors, mainly in order to improve the professional exhibition of the show." Yiwu volume of Cutting Tools Industry Association vice president of Yong Zheng Tao said that in the professional Street operating households a considerable part of the agents, by agents to contact the manufacturers to exhibitors can improve the strength to exhibitors. He believes that in the product performance, prices, production plan, etc., manufacturers more advantages than agents.
"The exhibition is good, has received a few Pakistan, Middle East and other places merchants intent orders." Exhibitors Wang Bingwen this special rushed to Wenling from Yiwu, the company's products to the domestic market, few foreign trade orders. He said that the initiative to come out like this, and the face of foreign exchange, this is the first time.
"You go to ask the manufacturer to represent, they are more clear." Mr. Cheng is an agent in the professional Street, he said, in the exhibition, the manufacturers received orders can count agents task.
Exhibition organizers revealed that the current exhibition to develop the relevant resources, the formation of the industry area. Yiwu volume of cutting tools industry association this year for the first time participating groups, 12 booths, exhibitors of 23, extent expanded exhibition area and structure.
Popular products become popular
Hardware products variety, the exhibition of the exhibitors products are divided into hardware tools, daily hardware, mechanical and electrical, building hardware, electrical appliances five categories. However, the reporter found from this exhibition, some of the popular hardware products is quite popular.
"The main show is that the orders will not matter, because the factory in a few months after the order is good." Just finished the spring of the first phase of the Canton Fair Wu Guiping, Wuyi Bo to tool for foreign trade business manager. She introduced, daily hardware demand for large, procurement of customers, but due to fierce competition, the industry has gradually into the era of low profit. Some cold and partial hardware products, due to the stronger professional, consumer groups targeted, but easier to get the favor of professional merchants. It is reported that Bo to the exhibition products, such as mixer, polishing machine, hot air gun, etc.. Wu Guiping pointing to a electric mixer, said the product is mainly used for mixing all kinds of industrial raw materials, sales volume was not daily hardware products, but prices three or four hundred yuan, one Taiwan products, profit is several times of the latter. At the scene, the company received a lot of consulting for buyers, some merchants on the spot that the factory around.
Industry insiders said the metal products in the future will be more and more subdivided, the more professional products, the more target customers, the higher the profit, the more easy to open up the market.
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