Electric valve machinery products development prospects
In recent years, with the development of mechatronics, electric valve this important mechanical products ushered in an unprecedented market. Electric valve than the traditional valve (manual valve, pneumatic valve) in the work more section source, safe and reliable. In the voice of environmental protection and security is increasingly high today, electric valve is indispensable. Huge market demand for electric valve is also increasingly high demand.
Wide application areas of electric valves, involving oil, chemical, electricity, nuclear energy, metallurgy, shipbuilding, light industry, food, municipal and other aspects. On the product itself, the electric valve with the assembly easy, low failure rate, as well as the industry's automation needs, is the industry's more cost-effective choice. Because the use of conventional pneumatic valve, inevitably a piping, solenoid valve and the compressor can succeed. The electric valve is a motor-driven, easy to install, and electric valves installed with the original factory lines can be controlled, can save other costs. In addition, the motor drive open and close more smoothly, without excessive momentum shortcomings, failures can be substantially reduced.
Petrochemical industry mainly uses the standard API gate valve, globe valve and check mainly by power plants with high temperature and pressure valve, cut-off valve, check valve and a safety valve and a part to the drain valve of the low-pressure valve, gate valve chemical industry mainly adopts stainless steel gate valve, globe valve, check valve return valve in the power sector.
Metallurgical industry mainly adopts low-voltage large-diameter butterfly valve, oxygen cut-off valve and the oxygen valve urban construction departments mainly low-pressure valve, such as city water pipes mainly adopts large-diameter valve, floor apartment building is mainly use the center line butterfly valve, main urban heating the metal sealing butterfly valve pipeline mainly adopts flat gate valve and ball valve pharmaceutical industry mainly uses the stainless steel ball valve in the food industry mainly uses stainless steel ball valve.
Electric valve is the valve industry, new varieties, so electric valve market prospect is very broad, the foundry enterprises should be more understanding of the industry, this industry provides castings, the electric valve in the emerging industry to drive the foundry industry development, in order to obtain a new impetus to the development.
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