Chinese valve companies will become the master of the international market
There is a developed industrial countries from abroad, the statistics quite interesting: the sum of the value of valves in these countries over the compressor, fan and pump output value of the three, accounting for about 5% of total industrial output value of machinery. A phenomenon in these countries is more intriguing: the hot international valve market in recent years, the flow of the valve product more and more, but the international valve Market
Chinese valve companies are still working role
Due to the production of valves, casting, forging, welding, electroplating, pickling and other environmental impact, in environmental protection investment larger, so in recent years, developed countries will labour intensive production of valves, especially the common valve to move to developing countries such as China. They are usually purchased to meet the requirements of the standard valve products in developing countries, and then sell to developing and developed countries. Or do owned or joint ventures in developing countries, products sold back again. Realistically speaking, in this industry transfer of the developed countries, the valve companies in China still get many benefits. Many enterprises have achieved ISO9001 quality management system certification and API certification, some enterprises have also achieved the EC CE security certification. At the same time, many of our valve business can fully producing API standard gate valve, globe valve, check valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, and other products, the quality of the products can achieve iso5208: 1993 test standard. China's valve products and therefore exports increased year by year. Take in recent years, the 2001 export output value of $430000000, 2002 export output value of $380000000, 2004 exports of $656000000, the export situation is very good. What's more, China's valve industry, manufacturers have set up factories abroad, such as Suzhou valve factory has set up factories in Iran. There are also manufacturers in foreign countries, such as Zhejiang founder valve factory in Singapore, Holland, Italy has offices, the valve produced almost sold abroad. At present, China's valve have been exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy and other countries and regions, more than 30, the valve has entered the world market, our country outlet valve in the valve world exporting countries ranked 11th or so.
However, despite the overwhelming surge in domestic valve products abroad, the international valve market, Chinese companies still have no voice. The price is the somebody else said, the rule is also the somebody else said the calculation.
Developed countries from China to buy a very low valve, and then increase to developing countries, they both profit and bought. And domestic enterprises can only act as a role for work.
A lot of business opportunities, the valve companies can not do only behind the scenes hero should have the right to say the international valve market is not us? Obviously not. It is understood that the Middle East as the world's major oil production and output areas, countries are trying to improve the daily output of oil, but also increased the oil exploitation and investment. Over the next few years in Kuwait's largest northern oil and gas development projects currently in progress. Qatar will be built the world's largest natural gas liquefaction products processing factory; United Arab Emirates plans through the construction of large projects to improve oil production is expected to crude oil production will be more than 300 million barrels; o Abu Dhabi National Oil Company plans in the next 5 years the number of projects each year investment 15 billion, of which 40% for the oil industry...... And the largest amount of each item is the valve product. On the other hand, due to the Middle East, Iraq and other countries oil fields, pipelines destroyed badly, need to import oil system and the pipeline valves, including API gate valve, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, long-distance pipeline valves and valve plate etc.. And these are the main products of domestic valve manufacturer, is our strong point. Why don't we rush to do these business?
Qualified to stand to the front desk
In fact, as long as the need to understand the market, the domestic valve companies become dominate the international market dominance. As long as the right way, we can completely stand to the front of the market, as the protagonist of the market. One is the export. Exports include direct exports and indirect exports. Exports directly refers to the enterprise directly to the product sales in the international market. It also has two ways: first, through foreign brokers, sold to local markets. Two is the enterprise in foreign set up their own sales organizations, directly to the local customers. Indirect export refers to the enterprise through the domestic intermediate business to export their own products. This export is the simplest choice, it is neither a full-time export member, and without a lot of investment, and the flexibility is strong, the risk is small. However, the disadvantage is also very obvious that the enterprise can not directly participate in international sales activities, the export market is basically out of control, the market information feedback is limited, the change in the market is difficult to make timely adjustments.
Two is the permit trade. License trade is the right or technology for the authorized person to grant the authorized person with the commercial value, including the use of the trademark, the patent, the proprietary technology, etc.. Domestic valve companies due to the lack of business management experience, the famous brand and unique technology, the use of this way is not much. But this is also a direction of development, can promote the enterprise to cultivate their own brand and develop the technology with independent intellectual property rights.
Three is foreign direct investment. Foreign direct investment refers to the actual ownership and control of foreign enterprises, directly involved in its management. From the perspective of equity, it has two different forms, such as joint venture. Joint venture is the enterprise in foreign markets and local enterprises to invest in a business enterprise. Joint venture can purchase local
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