Wenzhou valve industry: toward the creation of the Chinese advance
Not long ago, by the people's Government of Yongjia county and Zhejiang Province valve Association held the first Yongjia Cup National valve Innovation Design Grand Prix, in the hometown of China pump valve and the curtain Yongjia. The by the national 68 organizations and individuals involved in design Grand Prix, finally selects the winning entries of 24 pieces, 80% of the work from the enterprises in Wenzhou valve engineer.
According to the Wenzhou valve industry association statistics, in 2013, Wenzhou valve industry realize total industrial output value of 3.1 billion yuan, an increase of 7%, 245 billion yuan in total sales revenue, was essentially flat with last year, warehousing revenue totaled $9.8 billion yuan, an increase of 12.6%. Despite the crisis in Europe and the United States and Wenzhou financial turmoil, but Wenzhou valve industry system of more than 2900 companies, there is no such a shutdown enterprise. According to industry association is expected, in 2014, Wenzhou valve industry gross industrial output value to exceed 350 billion yuan, achieved total sales of 270 billion yuan, continue to maintain more than 15% growth, export delivery value amounted to more than $13 billion, maintain a 20% growth, annual paid tax of more than 12 billion yuan, increasing amplitude more than 13%...
Wenzhou valve industry association secretary general Wang Tingwen said in the contrarian, Wenzhou valve industry to toward the "made in China" in the direction of the rise, it is necessary to maintain this pace of development.
Increase investment in science and technology: to the high-end equipment to advance
It is hard to believe that no company of marketing will be able to get more than 2 billion yuan in fixed order, Wenzhou Wuzhou valve group to do. In previous years, Wuzhou valve group spending heavily in research and development success in natural gas long distance pipe money on the use of large diameter hard seal ball valve, and now has been put into mass production scale. The Ministry of energy and natural gas company in West to east gas pipeline project, in the valve industry, only the three hard seal ball valve supplier, one is Wenzhou Wuzhou valve group. Therefore, Wuzhou valve annually from can get more than 2 billion yuan in fixed order.
In recent years, the valve industry in Wenzhou, the competition of new products, new technology atmosphere, who did not dare to neglect in product innovation. According to the Wang Tingwen, after decades of development and accumulation, Wenzhou valve in terms of equipment and facilities, human resources, brand awareness are obtained the greatly improved, in the domestic counterparts in the influence has been expanding, industry overall technical level has reached in Sheung Shui. However, the main product or general valve, because the use of universal valve, many users, but the content of science and technology is not high, the profit is low. In recent years, with the further intensification of competition in the domestic counterparts, enterprise crisis feeling more and more to be also strong, prompted more and more enterprises have to increase scientific and technological innovation input, to enter the high-end valve products of ultra supercritical, high and low temperature, nuclear power, coal chemical.
Chaoda valve group chief engineer Qiu said, is undergoing a transformation and upgrading of the valve industry, who is not in the progress of science and technology under the foot of the time, who will be left far behind, therefore, Chaoda valve group a few years to increase investment in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, nearly three years, the group has invested funds of the transformation of scientific achievements, the nearly 52 million yuan into scientific and technological achievements 29, has won the patent 74, including 6 invention patents, 4 project was included in the national Torch Program, 2 won the national key new products. New technology allows enterprises to increase sales of more than 600000000 yuan.
Zhejiang Petrochemical Valve Co., Ltd. has invested 100 million yuan, launched an annual output of 5000 sets of high and low temperature valve, recently has already been put into mass production, the project can bring each year more than 2 billion yuan in added value for the enterprises; jialite Ebara pumps has invested 70 million yuan R & D 12 innovation projects; southern Valve Co., Ltd. in ultra supercritical thermal power valve research and development has made some achievements; Shenjiang Valve Co., Ltd. of nuclear power valve production also has been launched; Fangyuan valve group of coal chemical valve has been put into mass production...
Wang Tingwen said, these high-end valves at home can replace the inlet valve, application of export in some large petrochemical nuclear power projects, it can be said, progress of science and technology make Wenzhou valve industry towards high-end equipment direction rise.
Spare no effort to attract talent: the national valve industry senior people only have nearly 1/4 in Wenzhou
Wenzhou is a thirst after talents, every entrepreneur's normal valve.
Over the years, Wenzhou valve enterprise bosses dip full seeking all kinds of high-end talent in the country, the domestic valve industry cutting-edge talent gradually to gather enterprises in Wenzhou.
Founder valve director rectangular deposit is a special habit, every day to see 5 valve professional engineers detailed information, for digging talent ". When he thinks a few engineers is required to develop their own business talent, they will ask headhunting company contact with each other, issued a sincere invitation to each other, until the other side switch to founder valve door so far.
According to statistics, at present, in the valve industry in Wenzhou, engaged in above scale enterprises of science and technology R & D personnel at around 4800 people, including many senior titles, more enjoy the special allowance of the State Council, the high level talent. National Valve Association statistics show that the national valve industry senior people only have nearly 1/4 in Wenzhou.
Wang Tingwen said, Wenzhou valve industry, the number of employees is about 8 million people. In recent years, Wenzhou enterprises through various efforts, called the a large number of high-end talent, however, high-end talent age generally are relatively large, of a temporary shortage, all kinds of uneven quality of personnel in the industry
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