The high-end valve market competition localization road go very hard
China's valve market, the cake is big, but the market is also very fierce competition. China's valve manufacturing industry level and international advanced level compared to still have a certain gap, a lot of high parameters, high temperature, high pressure, high pound class key valve original has been dependent on imports, domestic valve in the domestic industry consensus has been formed.
In recent years, the development of the valve industry in China is rapid, the impact of raw materials and labor costs and other factors. The export and market share of the products is increasing, and the main production base and the main product sales market are gradually becoming the industry.. China's control valve factory is numerous, small scale, lack of core competitiveness and low concentration of enterprises, it is difficult to in the international market influence, which restricts the healthy development of the valve industry in a large extent.
Valve market increasingly fierce competition, some ordinary valve product market has been saturated, oversupply, which makes the development of small and medium enterprises increasingly difficult. And even the high technology products in the international market is also very fierce competition. At present, China in the valve market, has been able to provide heating valve, environmental protection valve, construction valve and so on, more varieties. But in the field of high-pressure valve is still relying on imports, which is the future of China's valve need to force a breakthrough in the field, can really promote the development of our valve industry.
From last year, the high-end valve localization road anomaly bumpy ". At present, the basic parts have become the short board which restricts the development of manufacturing industry to the high-end, and the government will continue to increase the localization of the high-end equipment parts during the twelfth five-year plan..
Side is continued weakness in the external market, a comprehensive cost rise under the influence of the comparative advantage of weakened, the domestic valve equipment manufacturing industry is faced with industrial structure adjustment "pains period". Valve is the low margin of the product, the market is highly competitive. At present, the valve industry for labor-intensive industries, China's valve industry or the amount of expansion based. Although the international valve market on the flow of the valve products from China more and more, but the international valve market is not the right to say in the hands of Chinese companies. Wang Lixin said.
China's valve industry in order to have long-term development, we must adjust and optimize the industrial structure, it is necessary to continue to give full play to the advantages of traditional valve industry, but also to push the development of the knowledge - and technology intensive industries and emerging industries, to promote the valve, plug valve, regulating valve industry upgrade. Only in this way, between Chinese valve industry and the gap with the developed countries as soon as possible in order to shorten the.
With the valve industry recombines pace accelerating, the competition between the valve industry enterprises in the future will be the competition between the product quality and safety valve and product brand, the product to high-tech, high parameter, strong corrosion resistance, high life direction. Domestic valve manufacturing industry in a huge demand environment, it will also show a better development prospects.
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